Influencer Marketing Gives Voice to Your Passion

Find ways to get your message out through influencer marketing

How can you give voice to your passion?

You’ve defined your business goals and messaging. You’ve produced videos, built websites, and mobile apps. Your logos are super dope. But now the greatest struggle of all–you need the world to hear your message.

How can you cut through the noise and be heard?

I recently met app start-up company. Their idea is fantastic. Initially, though, it didn’t get much traction. According to App Annie, this is what their daily app downloads look like over time.

While daily app downloads are by no means a definitive indicator, something here should be noticed.

How influencer marketing can give voice to your passion

That graph looks like a hockey stick. In this particular case, a social post was organically generated by someone with influence in the market this app addresses. It was unplanned and unsolicited, but a huge boost. This is what happens when product, message, media, channel, and audience align.

Then there is Shane.

Shane O’Rourke created Lift Up. In a phone conversation, Shane passionately told me about his idea to do good in this world through a charity tool. Shane built a team and developed a website in partnership with Bionic Giant that launched in September of 2018.

He now spends his days funding projects benefiting those with the most need around the world. At their one year anniversary, Lift Up impacted over 22,000 people in 11 countries on 4 continents. I asked Shane how he was able to generate this kind of traction after just 12 months.

For me, it comes down to sustained passion. We started with a bang right out of the gate. I am happy with our 1st year and the impact we have had.
- Shane O'Rourke
How Lift Up engages users in the mission

The reason for their sustained growth is more than just passion. The website design of Lift Up is easy to navigate and even easier to engage with. Additionally, they are very active on all social channels, and their site provides a crystal-clear view into the impact that a donor can have. This is the intersection of passion, product, positioning, persistence, and platform.

A common theme among successful brands is their adoption of social as a growth strategy. At Bionic Giant we recognize and capitalize on the dramatic shift in ad inventory that social represents. Influencer marketing is often underappreciated or misunderstood. The core benefits of this channel are its scale, intimacy with the end user, and its capacity for determining ROAS.

One of the larger influencers I have worked with shared his Snapchat statistics with me.

How influencers can give voice to your passion

How attribution technology changes the game

First, let’s look at the less dramatic part. Snapchat gives all power users demographic and affinity reports. If you have a target demographic and know which interests overlap with your brand’s agenda, you can work with influencers with surgical accuracy.

Second, the scale can’t be ignored. Take this second image in for a second. 1 billion impressions should take your breath away. This is one page for a moderately large single account.

Third, each story post from this page generates ~1.5 million views. Keep in mind these disappear within 24 hours, so viewers are consuming this content EVERY DAY. Aaaaand, each post allows the user the opportunity to swipe up and be directed (and tracked) to whatever lander, app, or deeper engagement opportunity that a marketer can dream up.

Give voice to your passion

Bionic Giant gives voice to your passion

Putting out the right message, through the right channels, to the right audience, at the right time is critical to being effective in your marketing. The right marketing channels–whether digital, out-of-home, affiliate marketing, direct response, grassroots, or any other marketing plans–are always a product of properly matching message and content with medium. Our team has pulled together best practices from a diverse set of client needs.

When it’s time for the world to hear what you have to say, partner with us to get your message out.