AUDIENCE & CONTEXT FIRST. Why should people give a rip what you have to say or sell? Everything is relentlessly vying for the attention of consumers. Breaking out of the noise into open water is increasingly difficult. Where do you start? Audience and context. Great content must start with an understanding of the intended audience and the context of the engagement.

AUTHENTICITY IS NEVER FABRICATED. Putting it on, or fabricating it will never get it done. Saying it’s so doesn’t make it so. Authenticity is relevant truth expressed, experienced, and received. We never miss it when we see or hear it. We’re moved by it and we respond to it. It strikes an emotional chord and leaves a lasting impact. It transcends technology and transactions, elevating a brand’s position and purpose.

EXCELLENCE IS WORTH THE FIGHT. It always looks easy, but the reality is – it’s anything but. It’s a fight to create moments that deeply connect with a brand’s audience while driving its business goals forward. It questions and it often confronts. It’s power is undeniable and its influence not soon forgotten.