I Need a Video. Where Do I Start?

5 questions a production company should ask you

5 things a production company should ask you

So, you’re ready to create video content, whether it’s a single video or a series of videos. You have narrowed down your list of possible video production partners, but aren’t quite sure who’s the right fit for your needs. You want to feel confident that your partner can help and will provide value. You may have a list of questions you want to ask. And, that’s great, your questions can get the conversation started. But a good video production partner should be asking you questions as well. This partnership is a two-way street and could develop into a trusted relationship in the future. You both have skin in this game.

Here is a quick rundown of the top five questions production companies should be asking.

1. Why do you want to create video? What’s the purpose or goal?

Video is a great vehicle to tell your company’s story, connect with customers, and launch products. But, if we aren’t starting the conversation around the “why,” we are not setting ourselves up for success. It is imperative that both parties are aligned in your goals for the video and the reason for creating them.

You know the importance of having a clear strategy and goal for marketing and other company initiatives. The same is true when producing video content. Your production partner should want to align with you on this and strive to create content that achieves those goals. This strategy will inform messaging, calls to action, and even the style of video that is produced.

2. Do you have an idea, or would you like us to concept an idea?

Once we are aligned on the strategy and goals for the video, the next question is what to create. Some clients have an idea for what they would like to create. That’s great! We are happy to take your ideas and help mold them to align with the intended strategy and goals you’ve established. We are able to use our expertise and creative minds to bring that idea to life, and hopefully surpass anything you would have imagined for the video.

However, you may not have an idea where to start–as a video production partner that’s where we come in. We use the information that we’ve gathered to concept an idea for you that aligns with the strategy, purpose, and goals you want to achieve.

3. Do you have examples of videos that you like and dislike? Why?

We all consume video on a daily basis. In addition, there are videos that resonate with us and some that don’t. Video production partners should want to get to know you and your tastes to be sure that the video is something you can be proud of and that truly represents your brand.

Discussing video examples that you like and don’t like is a great exercise to get a feel for your tastes and even your tolerance for ‘pushing the envelope’ with the creative idea. A video production company should always dig into these videos and the rationale for your feelings about each video. This will inform us as to the styles of videos that resonate with you. This process may uncover that you like live action videos (actors onscreen) and that you strongly dislike the idea of animated videos.

4. When do you need your video completed?

You may think that creating a professional video will take too much time. Producing quality video doesn’t have to take a lot of time. The biggest drivers to production times depends on the complexity of the production, length of video, and how it will be distributed. This is why it is so important for your video partner to ask this question and start the conversation and expectations for the production process.

Lucky for us, is that the previous questions are starting to provide us a clearer picture into the type of video we will be producing, and therefore a rough idea of how long it may take.

5. Do you have a budget range in mind?

The elephant in the room and probably most uncomfortable discussion to have for both parties. However, it is an important discussion to have nonetheless. When we ask about budget, it is never ill intended; it is for good reason. There are so many factors and variables that affect the cost of a video that can cause it to balloon very quickly.

So, it is important to have a good grasp the budgetary boundaries for a production. This is why we like to think of these budgets in terms of ranges. This way as a marketer, you don’t need to feel that you need to “show your hand,” or that you need to be pinned down to the highest priced option.

Here are some quick examples of different video production styles and some basic variables that must be considered.

Video Shoot – On Location

  • Copywriting or copy-editing provided
  • Music sound bed (could be stock or custom music and costs vary depending on usage and licensing)
  • Onscreen or voice over talent may be required
  • Shoot day (how many are required)
  • Prop costs and prop stylist may be required
  • Location costs may be required

Video Shoot – In Studio

  • Copywriting or copy-editing provided
  • Music sound bed (could be stock or custom music and costs vary depending on usage and licensing)
  • Onscreen or voice over talent may be needed
  • Shoot day (how many are required)
  • Prop costs and prop stylist may be required

Video Animation – 1 Minute Video

  • Copywriting or copyediting provided
  • Storyboarding may be required
  • Custom 2D graphics will be created
  • Music sound bed (could be stock or custom music and costs vary depending on usage and licensing)
  • Voice over talent may be required

These questions are not the end all, be all of questions that should be asked as you search for your perfect video production partner. However, as you can see, these five questions, lead us down the path to the answers we need to effectively produce a video that will get you results.