Bionic Giant

A creative agency partner inspiring innovative brands and their audiences through strategic digital and video content.

Our Capabilities

From script to storyboard to final cut, our live-action video and animations are all created in-house and at an award-winning level. See how we brought stories to life for Alteryx.

We go beyond great code to deliver beautifully designed sites that perform exceptionally well.  Learn how Lift Up launched a new site and finished with a record-breaking year.

Our custom apps put your digital experience in every hand.  See how Great Clip’s custom app became the cornerstone of their engagement strategy.

Research-based strategy and elegant designs help shape a successful future. See how a legacy brand transformed into a lifestyle company through a comprehensive rebrand process.

Connect with your audience in meaningful, emotional ways.  Our live event designers are theater nerds at heart, handling everything from booking the perfect venue to crafting the selfie station.

Giant Team

Some of our favorite humans.

  • Joe Beard

  • Jay Loecken

    Partner - Denver
  • Brian Fisher

  • Ben Loecken

    Strategy & Growth
  • Travis North

    Director & Producer
  • Scott Mack

    Client Success & Business Development
  • Paul Afong

    Creative Director
  • Tim Bornholdt

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Chloe Pratt

    Creative Project Manager
  • Taylor Dudgeon

    Digital Client Strategist
  • Justin Tholl

    Senior Editor/GFX Artist
  • Chris Whurr

    Art Director/Editor
  • Colin Schye

    Director of Digital Product Design
  • Wade Stebbings

    Staff Software Engineer
  • Victoria Perkins

    Software Engineer
  • Wil Galvez

    Associate Product Manager
  • Adam Reynolds

    Creative Director/Copywriter

Big Work. Small Egos.

Great work happens through great people. Our devotion to our clients is matched only by our loyalty to one another. We believe in bold generosity and courageous humility from the first draft to the last call.


Thank God It's Monday.

If you’re working for the weekend, you’re doing it wrong. Mondays belong to the go-getters and ass-kickers. We’re over here just landing our dreams.


Old ways
don’t open
new doors.

Innovation is never templated. We aren’t afraid to push beyond the comfort zone. Through inspired problem-solving and trust-fueled collaboration, we boldly ask, “What’s possible?”